Shorty mechanical pen & pencil - white

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NEW - turn your Shorty into a ballpoint pen with this special ballpoint refill. The Worther Shorty Mechanical Pencil is ideal for writing, sketching, drawing and marking. It is made of superior plastic and is 105mm long and 12mm wide. It comes with a 3.15mm thick soft 7B graphite lead and can write on almost any material including wood, metal, paper and plastic. Supplied with 3 lead refills and 1 pen refill.

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The PULP brand was created as a result of a collaboration between two families – Covo and Federbusch – who share a longstanding passion for paper products. Each family owns and operates a family business going back some 100 yearsand spanning over fourgenerations.The Covo family business, established in 1901, specializes in paper, cardboard and fabric...

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