Sherbert Magazine Issue 6

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Star Electric Eighty Eight
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Very special limited edition art and writing fanzine by Dan and Kalene from Thundercut and Open Space Gallery... "We are very excited to have this issue finished and ready for everyone to see. We did a lot of new things with this issue, for example we increased the page count by almost 20 pages to 64, we switched to a "perfect bound" spine (this allows the magazine to lay flat and eliminates the need for staples) and our covers have been printed in metallic ink with our print goccu in our basement studio. We also have the usual theme inspired extras, a mix CD from Nobot media, a design it yourself postcard from Smiling Disease, a custom typeface designed by Luke Prowse, and pages and pages of awesome art, photography and writing."

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Star Electric Eighty Eight
Based in Harlem USA

Launched in 2004, Star Electric Eighty Eight aka SEEE is the creation of Harlem-based designer Jennifer Garcia. The line's moniker derives from her favorite second hand electrician's football league t-shirt flaunting team "Star Electric" across the front and number "88" on the back.An annual limited edition tee and zine project, SEEE has been featured in...

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