Set of THREE linocut prints resembling tiles.

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Cassandra (Cassa Studio)
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These are original prints made out of a carved linoleum. The pattern is unique as well as each individual print because it is all hand printed. The wood frames are also hand made and included.The paper tiles are inspired on Barcelona's pattern tiles and they can be used in that way decorating a wall combining different colors.They all have a hanging device on the back for easy hanging on the wall.Print size: 5.5" x 5.5" (14cm x 14cm)Frame size: 6" x 6" (15cm x 15 cm)The price is for the set of three prints. Thanks!

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Cassandra (Cassa Studio)
Based in Barcelona, Spain

I am an artist living and working in Barcelona, Spain.I mainly make oil paintings and linoleum prints using a variety of themes but always paying attention to details.I also lived in USA for many years where I got my Bachelor´s degree in Art History and worked as a painting restorer in a private studio in...

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