screenprinted jellyfish notebook (blank)

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The Cloud Machine
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Handmade from repurposed Pendaflex hanging file folders. 64 blank pages (32 sheets)Bound with waxed linen thread Pockets on the inside of front and back covers5 and 1/2 inches tall by 4 and 3/8 inches wideRed or Yellow covers are screenprinted in silver ink with hand-drawn jellyfish stencilThese little notebooks are perfect for everyday use! Brainstorming, lists, doodles, notes, and phone numbers from cute boys/girls.Each notebook is screenprinted by hand and placement of the print varies from book to book. No two are exactly alike.

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The Cloud Machine
Based in Portland, OR

We are a small screenprinting studio that puts our drawings on clothing and paper. We print everything by hand, and are inspired by the graphic properties of stencils and stencil graffiti. We design for both kids and adults.The Cloud Machine is an exploration of the power of simplicity, the process by which visual things become...

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