Sailor Drool Bib

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Story: Having lunch with a friend, I didn't think anything of it when her little girl had a bib on. As we talked she mentioned how she really wanted a drool bib that didn't look like a mealtime bib. She didn't have one of those bandana ones but mentioned that she really needed one. After doing some research I learned what a drool bib was and started wondering if I could come up with something more unique, more "Mabel". Product: This bib is made of cotton blends that are great for sopping up that baby drool. Put this bib on over a onesie and it is not only functional but looks like a great accessory as well. All of a sudden any onesie can become a little sailor outfit. Velcro closure at the neck keeps the bib secure.For more details on sizing and getting the perfect fit feel free to check out the following links to my blog

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Based in Vancouver, BC, Canada

Mabel pieces are designed and sewn in Vancouver, BC, Canada. Owner Andrea Jacob is a design enthusiast who has made it her mission to combat cluttered, over-patterned childrenswear. Mabel garments aspire to fuse vintage and modern. Simplified design and retro patterns are the modus operandi.

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