Sad Robot at the beach Lightbox

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This is a simple original illustration of a robot taking life wayyy to seriously. It is a handmade, wall mountable lightbox with light solid wood which has been painted with a smooth black finish.The image is encased with glass, and i've added some scanned watercolor stains to give the lightbox a nice yellow glow when turned on.The socket & cord are mounted inside the box, and the back contains small ventilation holes. One of my favorite parts of this box is actually the bulb, which is a mini Energy-saving compact eco bulb that only uses 3W of power while emitting 20W of light! This bulb also keeps the temp inside the box very cool as the bulb gives off very little heat - I only recommend using these style bulbs in this box for that reason. The cord is 6 feet long, and comes with an on/off switch roughly 12" from the box. Wall mounts are installed on the back already so it is ready to hang up, or you can just place it on a desk or a shelf!Measurements are 8"W x 6"H x 2.8"D. And to be clear the box comes ready to plug in right out of the box, with the bulb included. Thanks for looking, please message me with any questions you may have!You can see this lightbox, and many more products at my website "":

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I'm Munstre. I make handmade Lightboxes featuring either my custom designs, or one of a kind real X-Rays for use in your home, or office, or home office! I tend to work with anatomical themed images, but I also photoshop old 8mm film stills from the 60's which I alter slightly to heavily to make...

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