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ROLR is a hand-turned rolling pin with a distinctive striped surface made of solid hard-rock maple and bloodwood. When rolled, the pin's multicolored rings reflect the light and create a unique, patterned glow. To clean your ROLR, use mild soap and water and wipe clean with a soft cloth, without submerging the pin in water. Never place ROLR in the dishwasher. ROLR's solid-wood rings will expand and contract with changes in humidity and moisture. To minimize these changes, apply mineral oil with a paper towel after each use, and whenever the surface is scratched or dull. Use only mineral oil products that are food-safe, and do not use olive oil or other cooking oil, as these will spoil. Dimensions: length: 17 in. x 2 1/4 in. diameter length: 43cm x 5.7cm diameter

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