rolling waves linen towel

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my linen towels get softer and more absorbent the longer you use them. you can machine wash, dry and iron them with no problems. i've boiled them to remove the batik wax, and i wash them once again after that, so you can be sure that they are colorfast and won't wreck your other laundry.the pattern on this towel was created by hand, using antique batik stamps to print hot wax onto the fabric. after printing, i dye the fabric, set the dye and later remove the wax. you can order waves towels in a variety of colors. please contact me if you'd like a color that you don't see here.these towels measure about 15" x 28". they are hemmed on all four sides with a wider hem on one of the shorter edges.

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hand printed, hand dyed batik fabrics. functional items for you to enjoy every day.

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