Rhino Hunter Men's Tee

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Sharp Shirter
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The rhino hunter is our response to the poachers. A couple of years ago I was on a safari tour in South Africa, and I came across a giant cage filled with young rhinos. I asked the tour guide why there was a cage in the middle of the dessert and he told me that people fly out to this destination to shoot rhinos. Basically, they release the rhino from the cage and let them run out for a couple hundred meters before they shoot them. Then the “hunters” take the tusks back home with them to show all their friends and tell them that they shot a rhino on the run.I found this practice so sickening that I had to make a rhino t-shirt with the rhino as the poacher. Working with Huebucket, we looked through black and white images of poachers with elephant guns and rhinos in various aggressive poses. Even though this is a 1-color design and looks relatively straight forward, we ended up going through 12 drafts before we finally nailed the look that I was aiming for. Printed on an American Apparel 100% cotton eggplant t-shirt, this rhino tee is bound to get you plenty of compliments.

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