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_Release_ refers to the last part of sound's shape, the movement from sound to silence. This album investigates this transition using sounds pulled from both electronic and analog instruments: mostly synthesizers, piano and guitar but also from recordings produced after the artist moved to Baltimore. These sounds were then processed using various audio effects, vocoders and electronic equipment before ultimately being mixed into this, final form.For an audio sample of this album "click here":*Tracklist:*1. hummingbirds hovering above the trees 2. trying to stop for a little while (without dying) 3. floral patterns 4. never wake anyone up 5. water 6. rain 7. waking up 8. magnolia 9. movementHAPPY FAMILY is Will Pesta, a multi-instrumentalist from Cincinnati currently living and studying in Baltimore, MD. "Sidedown Audio": is an independent boutique label that caters to solo home recording artists.

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