Red Messenger Bag

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he name of this special edition bag is misleading – you don’t have to be a messenger to own it. It’s totally ok for designers, dentists, teachers, developers and even lawyers, too. The bag offers solid protection against rain, dust and boring mass production.There is a large pocket to protect your laptop inside the bag. There are also two smaller pockets at each end and a fourth small pocket to contain some business cards or mints. (Firemen usually like mints). The length of the shoulder strap is adjustable.This messenger bag is upcycled, and very specialMessenger bag is made of red and gray (turned inside out) fire hoses, written off after a heroic time of duty in Estonia. And the texture of the red hose is very different to the one we use with our classic red messenger bag. We have enough material to make up to 10 of such bags, hence the Special Edition.Dimensions100 x 380 x 300 mm

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Based in Tallinn, Republic of Estonia

We thought it’s rather silly that perfectly good material is wasted when firehoses reach their standard time of use, so we gave them new life.Hosewear got started as the first project to ever get funded by, Estonia’s answer to Kickstarter (if there ever was a related question). After a successful debut on Hooandja the...

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