Raven Feather Ear Cuff Clip Earring

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Adorable Lucite feather ear cuff made just for KidViskous!Go beyond a normal earring for a large, single feather ear cuff that is sure to stun. Made of black acrylic, super lightweight, won't weigh your ear down at all.A little turn of the head will give someone a flash from across the room. They have clip-on earring backs as opposed to a normal cuff that you have to bend to open and close. So you can clip these to your ears, to shirt collars, the side of heels, breast pockets, and anything that needs a "bird on it".Feather measures about 2.5 inches long. Easy and secure clip-on backing. Worn on the right ear in the photo.Comes in silver mirrored and gold mirrored as well, see our other listings!

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