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The Revolution! Series draws from historic events of the pre-Revolutionary War period. The rebellion of The Stamp Act, The Boston Tea Party and The Liberty Tree were symbols of unifying images and events in American History. The propaganda of the time was in character with the popular line-drawing illustration style of the time. For our print series, we wanted to imagine what it would be like if a modern style were applied to rally the historic call-to-arms of the citizens and colonies leading to the American Revolutionary War.Each 1-color print is 14" wide by 20" high, and is silk-screened by hand on 300gsm acid-free paper. All prints are signed and editioned.

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Based in New York, NY

Sub-Studio formed in New York City in 2006 when Anna Corpron and Sean Auyeung forged a design partnership to combine their individual creative interests. At the moment we draw inspiration from the flora and fauna of the natural world, urban spaces (especially those that have been discarded), the anatomy of machines, how objects are constructed,...

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