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Hello. Everybody needs leggings. But these are no leggings. What you are nestling on your monitor right now is post apocalyptic mercury to put in your belly. Savor every bite.8 toxic hues jut and jag up your ankle, across your thigh, womanly power blasts from your vag. It is on. Set it off. Get your groove back. Its you and me against the world.*Hey. RHLS makes taste with our base face, face fuck a fuck face. Super smart clothing with the stupid genius copy. Get shcloppy in Chalupy, eat a sloppy joe.Nice geometic shapes. Framed in a heather/charcoal gray. Leggings also available in background colors royal blue, dark brown or black. You can request another color and we'll go swoop it up form our designer surplus spandex source (add $10 and 5 days to production time).Pictured is a unisex s/m/lalso available in l/xl tooMen! Get the man-gina quadrocepticon leggings! Same thing and theres room for your geoduck. Ruffeo wears them and gets leid* everyday.Look into his angel eyes you think you're in paradise, then one day you find out he wears a disguise............... LOOK TOO DEEP INTO THEM ANGEL EYES My bois on top -my boy is real -his angel eyes are no disguise.. Maurice Ravariere is one damn good man, rep-pre-fucking-senting QUADROCEPTICON LEGGINGS!Who's that queen? Step back -brace yourself.... Introducing Sparkle Sterling in IT'S A DRINK FROM A TIME IN THE PAST CALLED THE FUTURE DRESS! Sparkle is an actress and scholar, please email ruffeo [!at] gmail.com if you would like to hire them for your next shoot. New friends, new designs, RHLS expanding, RHLS holding its jock..*Leid: When Hawaiians wrap a wreath of flowers around your neck after exiting a plane or boat.

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by hot dogs, for hot dogs, buy four hot dogs, by/for hot dogs, bi for hot dogs

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