Punch Cigar Box Amp For MP3 Player Or Guitar

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A cigar box amp is the perfect way to have your music playing wherever you are. Plugs into anything with a headphone jack.(smartphones, tablets, ipods, computers, guitars and more) A cigar box is sturdy, portable, and keeps its character with age; it also provides the perfect speaker wooden enclosure. Use it at the beach or camping or anywhere you might want a portable music solution while not worrying about damage or inconvenience. Built around the venerable LM386 chip, it provides great sound and can be cranked to "11" when you want to party. All Chrome Hardware. Uses a 1/4 inch jack for guitars, Comes with a 3.5 mm apaptor for music players(Pictured).

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Hi, I'm Jay and I love to tinker with electronics of all types. I live in Minnesota with my girlfriend and my dog.

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