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Bag the Habit
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*Includes two large and two standard reusable produce bags.*Complete your reusable bag collection with a set of Bag the Habit’s un-dyed, 100% recycled mesh produce bags. They are a perfect way to transport a varietyof market goodies- fresh fruit and veggies, dried grains, treats from the bakery, coffee beans…the list goes on! What’s more, the breathable nature of the material means that produce will stay fresher for longer when refrigerated.- Made with 100% un-dyed, post consumer recycled polyester.- Use for produce, dried goods, bakery items, coffee beans etc.- Machine washable.Made in Mexico.

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Bag the Habit
Based in Jersey City, NJ

Bag the Habit :: Reusable Shopping BagsMade from premium recycled fabrics with low-impact dying and finishing and fair wage, minimal waste manufacturing. Chic, sturdy and perfect for everyday wear.

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