Pretty Good for a Blind Girl - Original Painting

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Pretty Good for a Blind girl is an original 9 x 10 acrylic painting on canvas.It has a bumpy, raised surface which give it interesting texture and dimension. Bright aqua green, chartreuse, mustard yellow and soft pink mingle with gray, white and creamy beige. Swirls of interconnected circles spread atop a cloud of spring time colors.Packaged carefully and shipped to you via USPS (with insurance for domestic locations).I had began working on this painting a great while ago and hated it. It didn't look anything like what you see before you today. It was in fact silvery and gold metallic orbs set on a deep, royal blue background. I loved the concept, but somewhere in the implementation something went wrong.I was ready to shove it in the back of my closet and hope that the same whateveritis that makes socks disappear (you know, and leaves you with just one pathetic, mateless sock) would make quick work of it. However, I had a change of heart. The power that day had been cutting on and off at random and I was itching for something to do that didn't involve an electrical outlet. So, I decided to spare the canvas and reincarnate it into a playful experiment with texture.Eventually, the power went out completely, so I worked by the window until the daylight was exhausted. I then I turned on my flashlight and squinty eyed, continued working, dabbing on the paint in small, quick movements in colors I had been longing to use together. Even though I could barely see, I was enjoying myself so much I couldn't stop.Amazingly, the painting didn't turn out a wreck, but in fact became better than I'd hoped. What does this all mean? I'm not sure...but it's pretty good for a blind girl.

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