Polo Collar Houndstooth Onesie

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Story: I've always been a little bit shy of patterns but since I am a big fan of designer Mondo Guerra I am trying to push myself. As a result this houndstooth is bold and super fun with a great retro feel. I can't look back now!Product: This collared onesie has snaps at the neck so that you can still fit over baby's head nicely. The snaps make it easy to undo as opposed to buttons. The little faux pocket has a snap too but is just there to add to your baby's good looks. Fabric is nice and stretchy comparable to t-shirt material. All edges are bound and snaps at the bottom allow for easy access on and off or for a quick diaper change. This onesie can be either a t-shirt or long-sleeve so it is all up to you.SIZING:With babies, as you likely know, there can be tiny ones and big ones that are exactly the same age. Try making a piece of clothing sized perfectly to fit both! If you are wanting an exact fit your best bet is to convo me with measurements and I can recommend the best option for you.Absolute newborn (6-8 lbs) 0-3 Months (9-13 lbs) 3-6 Months (14-16 lbs) 6-9 Months (17-18 lbs) 9-12 Months (19-20 lbs) 12-18 Months (21-23 lbs)18-24 Months (24-26 lbs)For more details on sizing and getting the perfect fit feel free to check out the following links to my bloghttp://mabelboutique.wordpress.com/2013/06/03/mabel-sizing-a-stake-in-the-ground-part-1/http://mabelboutique.wordpress.com/2013/06/21/mabel-sizing-picking-the-right-size-for-baby-part-2/

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Based in Vancouver, BC, Canada

Mabel pieces are designed and sewn in Vancouver, BC, Canada. Owner Andrea Jacob is a design enthusiast who has made it her mission to combat cluttered, over-patterned childrenswear. Mabel garments aspire to fuse vintage and modern. Simplified design and retro patterns are the modus operandi.

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