Plaid Wallet - Spiffy Lumberjack Edition

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_*Coming Soon*_This eco-friendly wallet from Jetsam is made from a reconstructed vintage plaid shirt and wool suiting. It features a large pocket for bills and two smaller pockets for cards.The awesomely colorful Spiffy Lumberjack edition includes wallets crafted from reclaimed vintage plaid shirts.Dimensions: This wallet measures 4.25" x 3.6" (10.8 x 9.2cm) when closedEach billfold comes packaged in a signature recycled gift box.Jetsam was inspired by the time-honored style of iconic male figures. I wanted to take historic masculine textiles and reinterpret them for the future, so that modern gents can carry these thoughtfully chosen fragments of sartorial history in their pockets. Jetsam is old-school haberdashery for the guy who doesn’t wear a suit. It’s materials from your father’s generation remade into smart goods for your pocket.Jetsam embodies a firm commitment to sustainable design. Jetsam is a 16th-century term for unwanted material that was thrown overboard to lighten a ship’s load. Each Jetsam wallet is a product of various discarded or unwanted materials—end-run fabrics, cast-off clothing and vintage textiles. Each wallet also comes packaged in a signature screen-printed gift box, which is made in the USA from 95% recycled paper.All designs copyright 2011 Jetsam

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I am so excited to announce the debut of Jetsam™, a new line of eco-friendly wallets from prix-prix®. This project has been in the works for quite a while, and I am so happy to finally be working with excellent producers located less than 50 miles from my San Diego workshop where Jetsam wallets are...

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