Personalized gift snowflake poster print for birthdays, anniversary, valentine's day, weddings and housewarmings

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The Book of Everyone
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A few taps of your keyboard turns The Snowflake of Everyone into The Snowflake of 'Joe Bloggs', 'Chef Rebecca', 'Teddy The Brave', 'Bob The Cat', '23 Chestnut Close', or anyone/anything you wish. Using a pretty cool algorithm invented by our Book of Everyone Boffins, the letters in the person's name create the structure of each snowflake. This touching and original print will make a feature in any room and is the perfect personalized gift for partners, family and friends. Who do you know who deserves their very own snowflake?Great for Valentine's, birthdays, anniversary, wedding and house warming gifts.FOR US TO CREATE YOUR POSTER YOU NEED TO SEND US THE NAME (TO CREATE THE SNOWFLAKE) AND THE CHOICE OF COLOUR BY SENDING US A NOTE WHEN YOU PLACE YOUR ORDER.COLOURS: White snowflake on blue backgroundWhite snowflake on blue backgroundPink snowflake on green backgroundYellow snowflake on red backgroundYellow snowflake on turquoise backgroundWhite snowflake on black backgroundOn request will send you a preview (adds 24 hours to dispatch time)

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The Book of Everyone
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The Book of Everyone has been built around a shared love of books, design, technology and ants. We believe that every individual is amazing to someone and our products are a way of letting that person know.And as you can add your own personal touches, each product - be it a personalised book, poster or...

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