PENNANT Sars Gaurd Hoodie

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FEATURES:1) Inlaid brilliance. We wanted to deliver the highest caliber craftsmanship in the world for this garment, so we took inlay to a new level. Inspired by garage sales this suggestive flag shape is sure to grab attention a mile away. The inlay on the front alone takes 27 triangle pieces surged together with precision. turn it inside out and bask is the beauty of obscene seams!2) Choose your flag colors. 3 colors. I like kelly green, red and yellow cus it really looks like some glamorous used car salesman flags or an authentic garage sale display.3)SARS GUARD* Yes! The velcro fastening sars guard really protects you agaist sars, anthrax and international terrorism. Plus it holds your hood up while bike riding, and conceals your identity if you want to put up art in a public place. Velcro is tastefully arranged in a sweet kriss kross pattern appearing in delicious top stitch.*sars guard is an unique invention by RHLS, (Ruffeo Hearts Lil' Snotty) 4) ZZZZip like CRAZY! >>> Zipper Opens to a very fresh and functional storage pouch pocket.5)Body color: made to order in white, black, gray, navy blue and red.6) The Fit. 3 years of development, the sars guard double barrel is perfected, tapered in in all the right places. Woman's' version has curves for the chest and hips. Extra long torso. Fitted sleeves.Hoody pictured is a mens medium available for shipment today!SIZE:small, medium or large, mens or womens

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