Peacock Necklace

$ 1,400.00
Justine Brooks Design
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This necklace is one of Justine's signature pieces. She was inspired to create a piece of long lasting jewelry to capture the iridescent and fragile qualities of the peacock feather that she loves so much. The real peacock feather is enclosed in plexi glass and riveted closed with sterling silver. The entire necklace is made of solid sterling silver. This piece is beautifully hand crafted and piece is is one of a kind.One Size

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Justine Brooks Design
Based in Whistler, Canada

Embarking on a nine month epic solo trip throughout the Middle East, East Africa, and Asia; Justine’s passion for researching stones, metal techniques, and design is obvious. The designer is continually creating opportunities to explore different countries in search of learning more about jewelry from around the world. Justine was invited to attend Santander Fashion...

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