Paradox amulet pendant-OOAK

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Guess what stone this pendant is made of.....None! These Pendants are made of layers of car paint, recovered from a paint-shop, which have been accumulating for around 15-20 years! The paradox: the process through which they came to be has a very organic character (like in sedimentary stones, layer upon layer settle through time), but the material is very much a man made one.At the end you have incredibly "organic" patterns in layers of many grays and some bright unexpected colors. Each pendant is a OOAK. I file and polish these "stones" to bring out irregular facets while leaving some of the "natural" characteristics of the material. A protective amulet for anyone, maybe especially for car-fans and race car drivers!All pendants come on an oxidized sterling silver bead chain (16in long). If you have any chain length, pendant size or shape preferences, please let me know and I will send you some pictures of possibilities.

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For snou* jewelry is expression and emotion, with feeling and _being bold and beautiful_, splashes of COLOR.Joy and emotion in jewelry...Sexy, playful and bold... attention attracting accents.Snou´s jewelry collections are made in a great variety of materials, most of which are rescued and re-purposed by-products of various industries. Every piece is finished by hand in...

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