Paper Quilled Necklace diy kit

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Do-it-yourself quilling kit allows you to construct three flower garland necklaces on satin cords. The autumn colors collection comes in tones of mustard, grape, pumpkin, deep red or fuschia and the jewel colors collection in shades of amethyst, ruby, aquamarine, pink tourmaline, topaz or sapphire.Kit includes strips of paper and satin cord for three necklaces, quilling tool and instructions. Cut the strips, roll them with the quilling tool, glue coils together to create flowers and then attach to the satin cord. You'll need scissors, glue, a toothpick (with which to apply the glue), and tweezers (to hold strips of paper momentarily while glue sets). It's a wonderful project for anyone interested in learning and enjoying the timeless art of paper quilling.

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Welcome!I'm enamored with handmade items crafted from high quality materials. I offer hand embroidered hoop art, hand knits in ultra-soft pure wool, coffee cup sleeves and iPad/iPhone cases in pure wool felt and paper quilling kits. I hope you find something you like.Mary Louisexoxo

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