PALOMA and LUCI - walnut brooch

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PALOMA and LUCISisters who are cancan dancers in Montparnasse (Paris). In free time they work as models.Collection "Las Chicas de MANOLO" Manolo's girls. The origin for this collection comes from Henri Toulouse Lautrec's drawings. As many artists, Lautrec was stimulated by females in various aspects. The collection ‘Las Chicas de MANOLO' pays tribute to women as well. Manolo's girls have different personalities, hobbies and backgrounds. I use an image of woman as it is most adorable and stunning subject. The different representation of characters are intended to suit different occasions for various audiences / costumers. Walnut brooch, painted in gold, varnished,6,5cm high 5,5cm wide.

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Based in Barcelona, Spain

My collection of jewellery is an effect of cooperation artist and designer. We wanted to create something extraordinary and curious. Outcome of our collaboration is a range of brooches. Project for brooches is based on hand made art drawing. We unified old fashion way of creating images and newest technology of laser cutting and engraving....

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