P L U M E E // F L E C H E E . Necklace . 6 .

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Collection Plumée // Fléchée SS11The collection takes inspiration of all things Spring: flowers in bloom, light rain and wind dancing in the trees. The wild side of the "Aztec Chic" Collection remains — chevrons and arrows — but this time surrounded by a new found loveliness inspired by the popular rhyme..."March winds and April shower bring forth May flowers"Materials Quality feathers (white).Aluminum enameled chain (silver colored) - very light.// "Pendant part" made of horn is about 10”. //// Necklace is about 11" (28 cm) aka 22" all around. //CreditsIllustration : Paule T.B.Pictures : Sébatien LePhotographiste lephotographiste.blogspot.comModel : Pascaline Floch (lovely Montreal based illustrator)pskdpenbox.blogspot.com

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