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By far the bestseller of the evenings fundraiser!10"x15" 2-color Hand Printed, Individually signed & numbered, Short-run Screen PrintInspired by the book "Mountains Beyond Mountains" by Tracy Kidder*Frame not included but available*Background:Although often criticized as reckless and unsustainable, in the early days of PIH, they relied heavily on one donor: Tom White. A millionaire who made his fortune in the construction business, White had decided he didn’t want to die with a nickel left to his name, and he never turned Farmer down when he requested money. Although White wasn’t able to physically do the work of advocating for the poor (he was already in his sixties when he met Farmer), his generosity allowed PIH to take the risks that have made it famous as an organization revolutionizing health care for the poor. In Mountains Beyond Mountains, Tracy Kidder writes about a Haitian proverb, “’Bondye konn bay, men li pa konn separe,’ in literal translation, ‘God gives but doesn’t share.’ This means, as Farmer would later explain it, ‘God gives us humans everything we need to flourish, but he’s not the one who’s supposed to divvy up the loot. That charge was laid upon us’” (p. 79). Tom White understood that it is each of our responsibility to divvy up the loot in some way, shape or form. In an article commemorating White, who died January 7, 2011, co-founder Ophelia Dahl wrote of him, “White helped found Partners In Health with its first $1 million donation. Since then, White has gone on to systematically give away his wealth—tens of millions of dollars—by selling his company, his assets, and his house to continue supporting PIH projects aimed at alleviating human suffering and poverty. Last month, he sent Dahl a check for $5,000—all he could afford after over two decades of writing checks out to PIH.”"I think it’s important for us to live in an inclusive world. Excluding people for this reason or that is, in most cases, grossly unfair. I also think that the myth of the self-made man is exactly that, a myth. All of us are born under many conditions over which we had no control or no vote, i.e. where and when we were born, whether we were male or female, the color of our skin, our ethnicity, and our religion."-Thomas J. White (pictured)

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