Olive Wood Fruit Bowl With Handel Unique Sculpture 33 cm / 13 Inch Made from ONE PIECE

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Dimension : H = 30cm / 12 InchW = 23cm / 9 InchL = 33cm / 13 InchBEAUTIFUL OLIVE WOOD FRUIT BOWL WITH HANDLEThis gorgeous olive wood bowl with handle is great as a fruit bowl or decorative.The natural oil content of olive wood means that it kills bacteria and is therefore more hygienic than other wood or plastic products. All our olive wood products are finished with wax and oil and so will not taint any food it is in contact with. These hand-made pieces are carved out of a single piece of wood so are rare as well as being unique, beautiful and durable. All of our olive wood products are ethically produced. Our products are made from the wood of trees which no longer produce fruit, and trees are continually being replanted to replace ones used to produce our products.Maintenance:Olive wood will last a lifetime if it is properly looked after. To keep your olive wood products looking their best please follow this advice:· Hand wash only, not suitable for dishwashers· Occasionally coat with olive oil to prevent the wood from drying out· Do not leave soaking in water or exposed to heat or sunshine

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