October 2008 What Did You Buy Today Zine

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Obsessive Consumption
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October! Most of my purchases revolved around food this month. Oh, and it is starting to rain here in the northwest which means that my music listening turns to either music with not many words (see The Books purchase on the 21st) or music with words that I can't understand (see stereolab concert tickets on the 18th). The cover pattern pays homage to the reinforcement labels purchased on the 1st of October. I only later realized that they looked like mini Target logos (which just happens to be the credit card I paid off this month :)Enjoy!Every copy of What Did You Buy Today comes with a button or a sticker or a postcard or whatever I happen to think would be awesome to give away that day. The covers are color laser printed onto cardstock and the guts are b&w photocopies. Oh and a plastic bag. It all comes in a fancy schmancy plastic bag. SWEET!Each issue contains 30 or 31 or 28 or 29 (leap year) drawings.You may browse all drawings on my flickr account. Here is a handy link: http://www.flickr.com/photos/kateconsumptionThis edition contains 100 zines.all zines are numbered and signed by me with my favorite black ink pen.

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Obsessive Consumption
Based in Portland, Oregon

Kate Bingaman-Burt makes her painfully mundane purchases, well, irresistible or at least gives us something to make us feel less self-conscious about how frequently we spend to fill the void.She is Obsessive Consumption.Obsessive Consumption started in 2002 when Kate decided to photograph all of her 
purchases and in turn created a brand out of the...

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