OAK sterling silver woodgrain ring

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Ball and Chain jewelry
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OAKThis is a very rugged style in the wood grain ring series, it has a very deep texture to it, and no knots.this unique ring is a collaboration between my husband & I. He is also an artist, a painter & printmaker, so he has applied his engraving techniques the the wax ring band I gave him.this ring was carved directly into wax, engraved with hand drawn faux bois texture, and then cast directly into sterling silver using the lost wax process.band is 7 mm wideI ship to the US and Canada.I accept paypal.

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Ball and Chain jewelry
Based in Redhook, Brooklyn

Ball and Chain JewelryWhat ever your fancy is, you may find it here. Explore and you will find a diverse collection of wearable treats. Custom made sterling woodgrain rings, funny kitschy crafty silver silhouette necklaces, faceted fool's gold nature-made bling, and delicate crocheted chain confections.Handmade in Brooklyn, NY.

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