NYC themed milk bottle set

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alyssa ettinger design
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This is a set of bottles I've created all with NYC themes. All three are cast from antique bottles, and the set consists of two half-pint sized bottles and one rare pint sized bottle.Buy the set together and save $10!The two small ones are from two different dairies:--Elmhurst Cream Company on Jamaica LI (which is actually Queens, so we can't figure out why it says LI). This is an adorable chubby bottle with a great font and little raised dots. It's about 4" tall and cast from half-pint bottle.--Mapleton and Co, from Brooklyn (YAY!) NY. Both sides are slightly different, but with nearly the same writing. And see that "5 cents" embossing? I love that. It's about 4 3/4 inches tall and cast from a half-pint bottle.--High Ground Dairy, from Brooklyn NY (YAY! AGAIN!). This pint bottle is about 6" inches tall and if you look at all the pics you'll see that there's an elk on the back. Please also notice a small flaw on the back near the word "Pint"' No, I didn't screw up, it looks this way on the actual bottle and while I'm seeking another version of this bottle, this is the way this one is.All piece from my "Milk" collection are dishwasher safe.

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alyssa ettinger design
Based in brooklyn, ny

i'm a ceramist/designer working in sunset park, brooklyn, out of a large warehouse building near the water that's been standing more than 100 years. i work only in porcelain, and love the way it feels in my hands. i use the clay to display textures--sweater patterns, fonts on vintage bottles--which then become polished and smooth...

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