Not Invited No.1 - Lonely Girl in Salmon Pink Dress with Dog Illustration Print

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Four weeks ago she was your friend. She told you about her party, and that you must definitely come. Sure, she hadn't really spoken to you much since then, but you had your new dress, and your bunny-dog escort...she certainly never told you _not_ to come, nor that plans had changed. She was nice. _Or was_. Maybe some of the mean girls (who she was friends with) had gotten to her, brought her over to their side. But the look on those faces when you arrived at the door...well, that was all you needed to see to know that your invitation had secretly been recanted, and such a smart girl as yourself should have been able to figure that out weeks ago.This is a print of my pen sketch, scanned, texturized with photos, and digitally painted. It measures 6 x 7.5 inches with a small border, printed on a beautiful fine art matte photo paper. Your sMacVision print will be signed and dated, and shipped promptly in an acid-free, archival sheet protector in a sturdy package.Dedicated in honor of all those who were ever shunned, bullied, or not invited.

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Hello, my name is Susan Mac. Originally from New England, I spent most of my school years moving, though longing to stay in one place. Now as an adult, I have finally done just that, settling in NYC, (Soho, Lower Manhattan) my home for more than a quarter century. Art and anything related to it...

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