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This bag is thought for people who are buying the newspaper every morning, and when yhey are home in the evening the white scarf that you wear in your bag and your clothes are a bit grayish because of it. Here the is a special place to hang it and forget about this problems. Of course from there you can also hang your scarf or an extra sueter...This shoulder bag has 3 pockets with different dimensions and forms. All the mess that normally is in a bag with only one big pocket can be here organized. You can decide which items you put in the different pockets, a pen and your telephone in the small one, your agenda and your wallet in the middle one and a magazine and a bottle of water in the big one. The fabric used is 100% cotton.The dimensions are:bag 48 x 37cm. stripped bag 18 x 41cm. small pocket 30 x 33 cm.

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Based in Amsterdam

We started Margalló in November 2012. I am a young designer who like to create new things..!

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