Neon Tote Bag

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If there is such thing as accessory that anyone can use, then our up-cycled Tote bag is one. You can wear it to school, beach, gym or a weekend trip. The bag looks great and protects your belongings from water, heat and lack of originality. It may be unisex and unisize, but each bag is unique and has its character.The NEON tote bag has a zipper to close it on top, a large laptop pocket inside and a smaller pocket with a colourful zipper to hold your precious belongings. The inside of gray fire hose is used to make the black handles.

About the Designer

Based in Tallinn, Republic of Estonia

We thought it’s rather silly that perfectly good material is wasted when firehoses reach their standard time of use, so we gave them new life.Hosewear got started as the first project to ever get funded by, Estonia’s answer to Kickstarter (if there ever was a related question). After a successful debut on Hooandja the...

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