Natural Record Band Bracelet

$ 10.00
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WBM is a sub-brand of WrecordsByMonkey which offers basic accessories with less of a design focus and more on the record itself. We want it to be more about the music and the music lover inside every person. The pieces allow the grooves to speak for themselves and reach out in a simpler way that everybody likes and understands. WBM represents the fundamental products made from recycled vinyl record

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Based in Brooklyn, NY USA

WrecordsByMonkey is a Brooklyn-based design company that bridges the worlds of fashion, art and music. Using reclaimed vinyl records, they create handmade accessories with a low carbon footprint that can be incorporated into anyone’s individual style. Their niche product, the Wrecord bracelet, comes in designs from silly to sophisticated. WBM’s full line includes bracelets, necklaces,...

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