NarwhalNarwhal Silver Necklace

$ 175.00
Steph Mantis!
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“Is that a heart with horns?”“No! It’s a NarwhalNarwhal!” and here is the silver lining!2 Narwhals, joined in love and unity forever!Thar she blows! Er, they blow!Twins measure 2.5 inches horn to hornroughly 1 inch top of the heart to the bottom of the heart28 inch chain with lobster clasp

About the Designer

Steph Mantis!
Based in Brooklyn, NY

Born and raised in a house and a pizza parlor in Biddeford, Maine, Steph Mantis creates quirky household items that transform a banal area in your home into a place of fantasy and whimsy. Steph moved to NYC to study Industrial Design at Pratt Institute, and also studied glass design in Denmark. When not working,...

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