Mussels Pendant. Black Porcelain, Silver and Oxidised Silver

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#Number of pieces in the collection: 150#Materials used: Porcelain in black glossy finish, 925 Sterling Silver, Oxidised Silver Plated metal and Stainless steel#Matinee length style: 55cm / 22"#Designed by Ahsayane Studio#Handcrafted in Brussels and LondonThis limited edition collection of 150 pieces are reproductions of real mussels. Each pendant comes with a stainless steel medal where the individual number of the piece is engraved.Manufactured in Brussels and London, each pendant is a handcrafted piece caste in porcelain.The pendant is finished gloss black on the front side and pure porcelain on the back side. It hangs on a matinee-length chain (55cm / 22"). The chain takes inspiration from sailor’s ropes found on ships which age with time in multiple colours. It consists of a combination of two differently designed chains made out of sparkling sterling silver and oxidised silver-plated chain, that creates a beautiful contrast between the sparkling reflections of the silver and the anthracite-like colour of the oxidised chain.Fine Porcelain has been chosen as main material, inspired in what we call "endless nature". Porcelain jewels are caste out of real food ingredients and natural elements, with the intention of capturing permanently their ever evolving shape. Our pieces are limited edition and come numbered.

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Milcincuenta is a designer label that creates fine art jewellery that is numbered, unique and individual.Milcincuenta was founded in 2013 by Ahsayane Studio as a laboratory where to explore the creation of limited editions and numbered collections. It is a celebration of individuality.For the first commercial jewelry collection we have chosen Fine Porcelain as main...

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