Molar Necklace

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Georgia Varidakis Jewelry
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As the daddy version of our classic tooth necklace, this molar pendant also is made with a brass top and sterling roots to resemble a gold capped tooth that has been pulled. The original molar used to inspire this necklace was extracted by our favorite local dentist. The Molar Necklace comes on your choice of either a 22" sterling silver or 14k goldfilled chain.

About the Designer

Georgia Varidakis Jewelry
Based in New York

Georgia Varidakis, a native of New York, spent much of her childhood tinkering around her father’s shoe repair shop, keeping herself busy turning scraps and buckles into bracelets and other accoutrement. This first burst of passion was born, to create, to inspire, amidst the organized clutter and musty chaos of her father’s shop. Blending her...

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