Modern Porcelain Bowl in Shape of Speech Balloon - Ceramic Bowl - White Soup Bowl

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Kina Ceramic Design
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  • Porcelain bowl in shape of speech bubble.

Handmade white porcelain bowl in funny form of a speech balloon from a comic book.This contemporary tableware in modern style will be an excellent starting conversation object when you sereve food on it some to your guests. Speech Balloon Bowl is one of our project that continue convention of interaction between user and the object. It has simple, shape that is associated with communication. It goes perfectly with Speech Balloon Plate from our collection. Excellent for soups, pasta, cereal or fruits. Start a conversation at your table!Bowls are availabe with various texts, below is list of them. Ask me before purchase.* YUMMY!* HOT!* EAT ME!* TASTE ME!* SWEET!* BITTER SWEET* SPICY ONE!* CHICKEN?* COOL STUFF!* GOOD STUFF!* GOOD SHIT!* HOLY SHIT!* NO SHIT,ONLY MEAT!* ONLY MEAT!* GET NUTS!* OMG!* PEACHES ARE DELICIOUS!* HONEY?* BED AND BREAKFAST?* GIVE ME MORE!* CHANGE IT!* SHARE IT!* ALWAYS, AS YOU LIKE!* LIKE IT?* SERVED WELL!* REALLY?* SURPRISE!!!* YOUR WELCOME!* Just try me!*Happy now?* Go Vege!* Are you hungry?* Delicious* Sweet & Sour* No sweets before dinner!* Happy now?* Freshly baked* Homemade food!* This is what I want!* What's your recipe?* Something fishy, maybe?* Did you clean your hands?* It tastes better with two* What are you waiting for?* Don't mess with Mr. BeanFor more of my works please visit: you want to see more of my works, be update with my last cerations or see the work process, please visit and add to favourites my facebook page:

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