Modern Geometric Mobile Sculpture

$ 99.00
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  • Ships in 1-3 days
  • Great moderm geometric design
  • Hanging sculpture creates beautiful lines and shadows if placed in the sunlight

This geometric sculpture is made of rods of 16 gauge annealed steel wire. The wire is cleaned and straightened, cut to specific and then the hooks are put on. Then it is assembled, cleaned again and painted in Rustoleum professional flat black. The sculpture is somewhat delicate in that the rods can be bent. Once it is in place it should be fine. I pack them very carefully and I have never had a problem or complaint. This is the first one of it's kind. I may decide to make it a regular item because I really like the shape. It measures about 14 tall by 12 inches wide.  It comes ready to hang with about 5 feet clear line and a snap swivel.

About the Designer

Based in Bantam C.T.

I have been making art for steadily for over twenty years. I was first inspired by Alexander Calder's mobiles and began making mobiles. From there I branched out into many various art forms and I love to create it is my greatest joy.I have sold my works all over the world.

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