Mitchelada 3010

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The new Mitchelada cut out bathing suit is a proud member of the RHLS Quadrocepticon Collection: an investigation of spacial and color relationships. And love of weird triangles. Quadrocepticon: accepticon: emoticon. Made in Brooklyn USA by Snotty, Ruffeo and the Hearts!Model credit. Hold up! Pause! Swoon! Heart Race! Give it up for the new muses of RHLS! Mackswell met Sparkle Stirling and Maurice Ravariere on the L train at 7 in the morning! It was not the shiny beginning of a new day.... It was baby duck on a tottering rampage of juggernaut!!! In a state of blissful belligerence a magical bond was formed. Please contact us if you would like to hire this power couple modeling team, the new face of RHLS!!Photo credit: R. Mackswell ShermanM3010:Hell Yes Satan this is Godly. We are brain violent, metaphysically blowing them all over the wall. Your shit just got 1000 years ahead of its time.The newest, illest 3010 Mitchelada, back by popular demand, we made it so much better!New re imagined cut out belly and back, single seamless curves, less internal exposed seams, less parts moving around.Cups are now rhombuses!! Trina says: "You dont kno NAAANN HOE! Thats off the chain! Thats off the chain! Thats off the chain! Thats off the chain! Thats off the chain like me!"Back features same racer back concept as Mitchelada 3000 but uses triangles and rhombuses instead of organic shapes.Booty explosion ass power, new center seam bottoms (last year was bikini cut with legs) makes them buns raise and pop. Angled shorts hemline covers the butt, but still allows just a tad of cheek to show.Each Mitchelada is custom made to your body and comes with a lifetime warranty. We can make breast coverage more or less. Ass coverage more or less and side/ stomach and back cut outs slimmed down. What you see is a template. Close your eyes and visualize you rocking the freshest one piece know to woman, blow everyone's mind on the beach, bike ride, club or street. And make the rest of the world look silly trying to share the beach with to you!BustCup sizeWaistHipsLargest part of bunsThighsCenter of Shoulder to CrotchHeight.Favorite flavor of Popsicle

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