Minimalist Wallet - Wool Felt - Gray & Navy Blue with Elastic Band

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J&J Crafts
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Want a way to eliminate carrying a bulky wallet?!?! Then take a look at this fun, functional and sleek Wool/Felt wallet. This wallet was created to hold multiple cards in one sleek design. Use the removable elastic band to hold all of your cash and extra cards!Materials:- The wallet is made out of 3mm Wool-Felt - Navy Blue Elastic Band- Navy Blue stitched to add a unique look Size:- Each pocket holds 4 cards easily

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J&J Crafts
Based in Columbus, Ohio

J&J Crafts was created by my inspiration to find and create unique ways to organize and carry my personal items. I've searched high and low for wallets, phone stands or card organizers that I could use and although I found a few with characteristics I liked....none of them met each of my demands. To date,...

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