Minimalist Oval Silver Bangle Edgy Bangle Circle Filigree Bracelet

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Susana Teixeira
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Handmade oval bangle featuring a filigree circle. The perfect accessory for a minimalist style, you can wear stacked with other bangles or alone.
The bangle is completely made in sterling silver, from a 2 mm thick wire.

The bangle is very comfortable to use, since the filigree technique allows me to produce very light pieces. You won't even notice you're wearing it! The oval shape means it sits comfortably on the forearm or worn loose at the wrist.

- filigree circle: 1 cm x 1 cm (0.4'' x 0.4'')
- the inner diameter is 6,7 cm x 5,9 cm (2.6'' x 2.3''); this bangle fits a medium wrist, but it can be made in other sizes.

A simple method for approximating comfortable Round Fit bangle size is to measure the length between the first three knuckles on the hand the bangle is to be worn on (please see last photo).
Make a fist and measure the length from the outside of the first knuckle to the point between the third and fourth knuckle.
This measurement equals the required diameter of your Round Fit bangle.
For example, if the measurement comes to 65mm, then a 65mm (inside diameter) bangle should fit your hand.

The fitting measurements for oval bangles differ from that of round bangles.
Please use the following formula to calculate your Oval Fit bangle size.
Simply add 3mm to your comfortable Round Fit bangle size.
For example, if a Round Fit 65mm bangle fits comfortably, add 3mm to this measurement to determine your Oval Fit size (65mm plus 3mm equals 68mm).
Note Oval Fit dimension is measured from internal widest point to widest point

This method works in most instances, however we offer this tip as a guide only.

The piece will arrive in an elegant paper box with the logo of the store.


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Susana Teixeira
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The story of my creative live began some years ago, when I decided to bring some excitement to my day-to-day life. At that moment I was working as a Math teacher, which is actually my degree, but the idea of doing something with my hands was always present in my mind. Studying jewelery was the...

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