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What will happen on February 2nd if your Bike sees its shadow? I am not sure but I hope it means that you will be sporting your new Shady Bike mini wallet.Mini wallets have two pockets for all your money, credit card or business card needs.Mini Wallets are vegan friendly. They are made from paper and vinyl. 4 x 5 inches of pure wallet fury.Go on and get one, your money will thank you.Sewn with upholstery thread (extra thick & strong) for durability.

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Based in Somerville, MA

ideaka was founded in 2005 by Chris Haines after he earned a degree in Furniture Design from The Rhode Island School of DesignFrom an early age Chris was obsessed with redesigning everything he saw. “I was never satisfied with what was out there, I wanted to make things function better and to be more aesthetically...

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