Mini GEM Studs - 199 Carat Series - Sterling Silver - Hand Cut - Pear, Heart, Brilliant, Princess, Oval, Emerald, Trapezoid, etc

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*{ i n s p i r a t i o n }*There studs are part of my 199 Carat Series inspired in lights and shadows in stone faceting.*{ t h e . j e w e l }*These tiny cute earrings are light and comfy, perfect for wearing them every day, or for adding an original "bling" to an special outfit.This listing is for ONE pair of earrings, choose any shape from the 5th picture, and don't forget to specify it in the message to the seller when placing your order.? Pear? Heart? Brilliant? Trillion? Princess? Marquise? Oval? Cushion? Emerald? Trapezoid* Please notice that in order to be able to solder the post, the facets (cut outs) are slightly different from the pendants/rings.* Includes a handmade *gemagenta* fabric pouch for storing it. (color varies depending on availability).*{ s i z e }*Depending on the shape, they go from .4" to .5" tall (10 - 12mm) CUTE!*{ m o r e . i n f o }*Know more about the background of this collection at my "blog": © Gemagenta

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{ gemagenta }
Based in Amsterdam, Netherlands

{gemagenta} is the free creative space where Lorena Martinez-Neustadt, a mexican Industrial Designer and Jeweler displays her designs.Every single {gemagenta} jewel is handcrafted by Lorena in her Amsterdam studio."For me a Jewel is so much more than a fashion accessory or an embellisher, it’s a small piece of art that tells a story about itself,...

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