Milan Pocket Square (Wall #1)

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Not Too Arty
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This third collection is about walls, photography and accessories. Travelling all over the world as a hot-spot-cruiser and travel journalist, Yves created an urge to take pictures of walls. Instead of turning this inspiration into a photograph book, he give it another twist.The walls are becoming accessories: pocket squares, scarves or handkerchiefs, it’s up to you to choose their destiny. However, they are colourful, inspiring and must-haves.The picture was taken in Milan. 100% SILK100% MADE IN BELGIUM100% ECOLOGICALSIZE: 390 x 370 mm

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Not Too Arty
Based in Belgium

Not Too Arty is a graphic studio hosting two labels: Not Too Art and I Love Deer_NOT TOO ARTY_ Discover the feathers of a bowerbird for this collection. The work station lures you with a hotchpotch of different disciplines._I LOVE DEER_I Love Deer is the first label to officially love deer. D'uh. I Love Deer...

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