Midnight waves

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Ulterior Motive
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Like dark rivers in the pitch black night, the blue bars in this tie forms an intriguing pattern. It's when you take a step back and observe this tie in it's whole that you discover it's true greatness, contrary to when you need to look closer and study the details. Measurements: 5.5 cm (2.17") at tip, 150 cm (59") long in total. Material: Woven microfiber, blue bars in solid weave, black background in twill.

About the Designer

Ulterior Motive
Based in Stockholm, Sweden

Ulterior Motive. The details that set you apart. Yes, that’s us. We make ties, wallets, belts and more for the unconventional man. Products that carry a subtle edge, rather than being in-your-face. And really, they’re better designed and much cooler than the stuff you usually find at the men’s accessories department.Things we like: Pharrell Williams,...

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