Men's Poly-Cotton Tshirt feat. Turkish-Nº3 print - Available in 2 Colors

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James Anthony Apparel
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Men's Poly-Cotton Blend (50/50) Tshirt feat. 'Turkish-Nº3' print spanning the entire garment front. Poly-Cotton Blend Tshirts are an ideal lightweight, warm weather tee with a vintage-soft feel. Image comes from the dome pattern located in the tomb of Sultan Suleiman I of the Ottoman Empire (c.1560), interred at Süleymaniye Mosque in modern day Istanbul. This particular rendering comes from an English catalogue of pattern design dated 1870. A small plate number at the bottom reads 'Turkish No.3'. All inks cured in studio to avoid fading or running. We suggest this item be WASHED COLD and TUMBLED DRY/LOW HEAT.

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James Anthony Apparel
Based in Atlanta, GA

Hand-Printed Men's+Women's Apparel featuring antique illustrations, photos, engravings, paintings and sculptures. Images are hand printed using the silk screening process and cured prior to delivery in order to avoid most fading or ink running. All inks used are WATER BASED + NON-TOXIC + ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY More styles available at *CUSTOM ORDERS AVAILABLE!*Any prints seen...

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