Mens Asphalt Organic Cotton Vneck Tshirt feat. Korssett Duel print in White

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James Anthony Apparel
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Men's 100% Organic Cotton Vneck Tshirt in Asphalt Gray feat. 'Korssett Duel' print in White printed on the shirt front/waistline. Image comes from a 19th century news/culture journal originating in Munich, Germany, depicting two bare-breasted women dueling with fencing swords. ca. 1898Available in Men's SMALL, MEDIUM, LARGE and XL"Sizing Information": inks cured to avoid most fading or runningWe suggest this item be WASHED COLD and TUMBLED DRY/LOW HEATPlease read care instructions included with order confirmation email.

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James Anthony Apparel
Based in Atlanta, GA

Hand-Printed Men's+Women's Apparel featuring antique illustrations, photos, engravings, paintings and sculptures. Images are hand printed using the silk screening process and cured prior to delivery in order to avoid most fading or ink running. All inks used are WATER BASED + NON-TOXIC + ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY More styles available at *CUSTOM ORDERS AVAILABLE!*Any prints seen...

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