Marrow Bezel Ring

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Carrie Bilbo Art Jewelry
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This organic, but structural ring is part of Carrie's newest "Twentyten Collection."The "Twentyten Collection" is a collaborative project with the fashion group, The Twentyten, which exhibited and premiered in September 2010 during the Spring 2011 NYC Fashion Week along side The Twentyten's clothing. The concept of the collection was that of a fictional female character and her decent into madness. The jewelry used this concept and was inspired by bones, bone marrow, psychology, the human body and the re-use of materials. This Marrow Bezel ring is completely hand fabricated by the artist herself out of sterling silver and pumice. This ring is specifically influenced and inspired by the texture of bone marrow, but yet very delicate and edgy. Dress this ring up as a cocktail ring in a formal occasion or wear it as an everyday look with a pair of jeans, it can go both ways. This ring is handmade so can be made in any size so be sure to let me know your size when ordering

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Carrie Bilbo Art Jewelry
Based in Brooklyn, NY

Primordial artifact meets futuristic fashion in Carrie Bilbo’s latest work. This collaborative project marries the architectonic sensibility of the electric Twentyten fashion group with Carrie’s instinctively organic and psychologically compelling sculptural jewelry which has become her signature. The gleaming cicadas and bejeweled spiders of her Attachment of Fear series have here been transformed into embryonic...

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